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No proper shelter for many displaced by floods in Badin district in Sindh province, Pakistan

Mon soon rainy season started in Sindh province (Pakistan) from 19th August 2011 causing floods to Sindh province affecting people in 23 districts. Out of many districts Badin district has been severely affected by floods. Number of deaths reported from Badin alone are 35 out of 398. Furthermore according to the Government sources of Pakistan 8 Million people of Sindh in 23 districts have been suffered, out of them more than 1-Million People are from Badin. Floods have destroyed houses, crops, seeds, cattle and personal assets. Most of the people from the affected areas are living without proper shelter and food. In flood affected areas there is no availability of clean drinking water and the people are drinking contaminated water which may lead spreading of waterborne diseases.

Courtesy- New world Hope, Pakistan

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