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Flood water washes away 17 villagers in Machiara, Pakistan

MUZAFFARABAD, PAKISTAN: At least thirteen people including two women and four children were swept away by violent water of a rain-swollen Nullah in Machiara area of Muzaffarabad, Pakistan on Wednesday, September 5.

A police official in the area confirmed that 13 people were washed away by fast-flowing water of the flooded Nullah that runs through the centre of a thinly populated village. Four schoolchildren were swept away by the water they were trying to cross to get to school, the official said. The rest of the people including two women were washed away when they were attempting to catch wood logs from the water of the Nullah, the police official added.


However, local people claimed that 17 people were among the missing people who were swept away by the stream after torrential rain in the catchment area of the Nullah. Five wounded people including two in critical condition were rescued and rushed to hospital. Local people with the help of community volunteers remained engaged in rescue operations and recovered four dead bodies while the search for the missing was continuing at the time of filing this report.

Government minister Sardar Javed Ayub, who is also elected member of the area, confirmed that 17 people were washed away by the Nullah water. He told reporters that four dead bodies have been recovered while the search for 13 other people is continuing.

According to reports, intermittent rainfall which started on Tuesday night continued lashing different parts of northern Pakistan. Some of the roads were also blocked due to landslides. The Pakistan Metrological Department has forecast more rain in the upper areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir during next 24 hours.

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